Sunday, November 20, 2016

Virtual Office in Singapore

Virtual Office in Singapore

Foreign investors are concern to rent an office in Singapore that is costly indeed. So, we offer them to rent virtual office in Singapore by low cost and smart plan. Address is a place of communication of entity, so, we can not think without having company address after registering or, incorporation a pte limited company in Singapore.
<img src="Image/singapore_rent.jpg" alt="Office rent price in Singapore"/>
Office rent price in Singapore

Average office rental  cost S$ 2000 to S$ 4000 for 500 sft.  It's not easier to bear cost of rental for the small and medium enterprises as new office setup in Singapore. New companies can not generate revenue from the beginning, so, each cost is calculated by the share holders of the company. Our Virtual office plan in Singapore is cheap and smart that is lucrative for the foreign entrepreneurs as monthly price of Singapore Dollar (S$) 10, 20 and 40. An address is sufficient for the small and medium companies where customers can find it out and have opportunity of a meeting.  Some times, a small number of staffs may sit together and some times no staffs are sits but an address is used for the registered company. Virtual office, where staffs are not taken sits but an address is used only. Virtual office service provider have reception to welcome the clients of the tenant and cooperate as their needs. Local calls receiving, call forwarding, answering, email replying, message delivering jobs are part of virtual office service provider to their clients. 

Virtual office for rent in Singapore 

This idea of Virtual office for rent in Singapore is boom. It's noticeable that most of the new company looks for virtual office service in Singapore due to rent is costly. It's true that many world recognized company's office is located in Singapore. A small country where lots of, millions of companies situated. Renting an office is not easier at all. Office rental demand is higher than any other city. Carrying on office rental cost, staffs cost, electricity, internet lines, office decoration, rental advance deposit, office maintenance cost etc are really costly and burden to bear as new investor in Singapore. So, virtual office for rent in Singapore is alternate choice to save money and time.  More information...

<img src="Image/Virtual_singapore.jpg" alt="Virtual office for rent in Singapore"/>
Virtual office for rent in Singapore

Virtual office rental price in Singapore

 Description Package Silver  (S$ 10) Package Gold (S$ 20) Package Platinum (S$ 40)
For company address           √
Main and parcel receive                                    √
Email & SMS notification  √
Reception service  √
Int. & Local mail forwarding
Local phone service
Phone answer 


Physical RoomCapacityRate (S$, Singapore Dollar)
Standard size1 person420
Deluxe size2 persons840
Executive size3 persons1260
VIP size4 persons1680


Fully furnished ready office
Meeting room available
Access card
Reception service
Local phone calling
Call answer and forward
Drinking water supply
Other services are company incorporation, company secretarial, tax filing, accounts preparation, audited accounts preparation & audit service.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to incorporate/ register company in Malaysia

How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia

<img src="Image/Howto_register.png" alt=" How to incorporate/ register company in Malaysia"/>
How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia
How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia as foreigner? How to setup a company in Malaysia? How to form a company in Malaysia? What ways you search to find answer what is the process of registering a company in Malaysia are discussed step by step:

Contact the right person: Whether investors himself or senior staff contact the expert person/ firm who knows law and process of company setup in Malaysia. Most of the foreign investors search online to find the right person and do not search expert visiting physically in Malaysia. Investors visit once all formalities are done to incorporate a new company.

Name clearance: First of all procedure of company licensing name clearance comes at first. Many companies being registering every months proposed name approval some difficult there. As such most of the proposed name is rejected. So, at least three names selection is wiser to find availability. Know more as foreign company registration in Malaysia .

Directors: How many directors are obligatory to form a new company? It is minimum two who can be foreigners or local and foreigners. There is a proverb that two local residing directors are needed to register a foreign ownership company. But that is not mandatory rules at all. Without local directors foreign ownership 100 percent is allowed by law. By the way, all companies are incorporated as Company Act 1965 of Malaysia.

Fill up prescribe form 24, 44, 48, 49: As section 54 (1) of Company Act 1965 form 24 is return of allotment where each share value and number of shares are stated. As section 120, 333 and 335 (1 d) of Company Act 1965 form 44 is notice of situation of office and office days and hours is stated. Weekly 5 working days that is from Monday to Friday and every day office hour are from 8.30 am to 4. 30 p.m. As section 141 (6) of form 48 is particular of directors where directors position with passport information will be stated. Moreover, memorandum and article of association of the company shall be drafted by the company secretary and directors shall put signature on it.

Company Secretary: Every company shall assign company secretary who will serve secretarial services including annual return submission, share holding position change, attend Annual general Meeting etc.

Pay government and professional fees: Professional fees are not same or average to all experts but different from each other. There is a word more fees better service.

Registered address/ business address: Registered address and business address are not same word. Registered address that is used when company is incorporated in particular forms. Business address is separate one that can be in different place office is rented by agreement.

Open bank account: Investors are requested to contact the bank before incorporate a new company in Malaysia to know opening corporate/ business account. Because opening bank account is a major issue for the nonresident. Neither personal nor corporate account is allowed to open by the bank of Malaysian. Only different pictures are noticeable in foreign banks.

Apply for import/ export license: Export in Malaysia is not allowed of all goods. Some goods are restricted to be exported and imported. Detail is here can look

Apply for manufacturing license: Manufacturing license is needed apart from company incorporation to start manufacturing business in Malaysia.

Apply for Halal License: Preservation of Halal foods/ goods and sells them from shop Halal license is needed to be obtained.

Apply for income tax certificate: Each company shall have income tax certificate. Within three months of first selling income tax shall be applied for and all companies shall be tax certificate within seven months of company incorporation.

Plan for start a restaurant business: Most of the foreign investors have first plan to start a restaurant business in Malaysia because of customer availability and instant credit business. Approximately RM twenty thousand to RM forty thousand may need initially to start a medium type restaurant business. Staff, foods, furniture, location, cleanliness is important to start restaurant business.

Visa: Professional visa and/ or work permit is needed to business in Malaysia and open business account. Those are holding social pass shall fall in trouble some to open company account.

MM2H: Malaysia my second home program that is open for all citizens of the world except two country’s citizens. A long time visa and multiple entry to Malaysia and many other facilities like purchasing property, owning car, import family members, children education facilities etc. Have look once the conditions to apply for MM2H.

All investors of small, medium and big industries need proper guide line as how to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia? Right guideline can save time and money that is most important for the foreign investors. Have look once whether your goods are restricted or no before register/ incorporate your business in Malaysia. Talk to the bankers to know how to open corporate account before setup a company in Malaysia?

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI): Sri Lanka a country of beauty where sea, hill, level land is combined. Some historical places are situated in Sri Lanka. 

<img src="Image/SriLanka_fdiii.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Current fdi inflow is around US$ 845,345,486 plus in Sri Lanka that can be higher than many countries.
<img src="Image/Srilanka_f.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/Srilanka_fd.png" alt="Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/Srilanka_fdi.png" alt="Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka

FDI inflow in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdi2.png" alt="FDI inflow , foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
FDI inflow , foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

Foreign Trade Law in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdii.png" alt="Foreign trade law in Sri Lanka, foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign trade law in Sri Lanka, foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdi_trade.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka-fdi"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka-fdi

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Business ideas in Sri Lanka and business plan in Sri Lanka

Business ideas in Sri Lanka and business plan in Sri Lanka | S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

Business ideas and business plan in Sri Lanka as foreign investors. Private limited company or project setup in Sri Lanka.

Business ideas and business plan in Sri Lanka

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Business ideas and business plan in Pakistan

Business ideas and business plan in Pakistan | S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

How to start a business in Pakistan
Start new business in Pakistan in any province.

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Sunday, November 08, 2015

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

Read to know how to start a business as investors or entrepreneurs.
  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Competitors
  • Market analysis
  • Materials availability
  • Buyer and seller
  • Legal matter

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

Business ideas-Capital

Without capital, any amount, to start a new business is not possible. Figure of capital depend on type of business. As real view, we find small investment and good returns and big investment but loss as return. Why it happens indeed?

Business Plan-Knowledge

Do you have ideas of business what are you going to startup? If no, you are suggested to gather knowledge as maximum as possible from different corners. Maximum knowledge make the business runs easier.

Business Ideas-Competitors

Know your competitors as market segment and forecast for the next future of business goal.

Business plan-Market analysis

Know your market before start a business. Knowing which market suitable for you is better. SWOT analysis can help you. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Thread of the business to aware yourself.

Business ideas-Materials availability

Start business in such areas where raw materials and other substances are available for business.

Business plan-Know customers

Finding the needs of customers and meet up them is the most important for successful the business.

Business Ideas and plan-Legal matter

How to start a business? Is it private limited company, Joint venture, branch office of parent company or project base? Know the legal form as state policy of the respective countries.

Legal matters are discussed, visit: S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, France, Germany, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana and more…

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Friday, October 30, 2015

How to start a business in Malaysia

How to start a business in Malaysia

We shall guide you how to start a business in Malaysia as foreign investor. To start business in Malaysia  it's need to decide which business is it to be registered ? There are some key notes should keep in mind as legal process, market area, competition, expected return time etc. Legal process includes business registration such as obtaining incorporation, trade permission, income tax verification, office agreement copy (virtual office some time), industry area, lease of lands or spaces etc.
<img src="Image/Malaysia blogspot.jpg" alt="How to start a business in Malaysia, S & F Consulting Firm Limited"/>

Market analysis can be dome through online and physical contact with market analytical company in Malaysia. Product competition is part of market analysis. Area of market can be select as assumption on business ideas.

How much initial deposit is required and how much are going to deposit first year ? How much at second year and third year ? Now it's need to calculate when can be started return from business. 

You may ask for how to start a business in Malaysia as foreigner? 

  1. Hire the right consultant
  2. Rent an office
  3. Hire Company Secretary
  4. Name approval
  5. Paid up capital
  6. Company Registartion
  7. Bank account
  8. Income Tax certificate
  9. WRT License
  10. Halal License

Hire the right consultant
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)
First and the most important job as foreign investor are hiring a right consultant who may guide to invest in Malaysia. You may search in Google to find the consultant who serve company registration / business setup job in Malaysia. Its need proper guide line from the beginning to end of formalities starting a business in Malaysia. You may do the following to find the right consultant:- Email the consultant and ask to guide you setting up a company in Malaysia, talk to them over phone, visit their office in Malaysia, know their experience on this field.
Rent an office
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

You need an address to register a new company in Malaysia. As foreigner you may use office address of the consultant who is assigned to co-operate you. Once company registration formalities are done may rent your own office. In that case you may rent virtual office at low budget. No service is free there so, talk to the consultant to show your total cost of starting a business in Malaysia.
Hire Company Secretary

As law of Malaysia, each company shall appoint Company Secretary who will work as safe guard of your company. Company Secretary is a qualified member of Chartered Secretary, Malaysia and he/ she is legally authorized to forward your papers to SSM for registration of company.
Name approval
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

Company is identified as name and so, you have to choice multiple names and one name will be approved from proposed name. They use word SDN. BHD. Instead of private limited. So, your company name will look XYZ SDB. BHD. Company name is active for 90 days only. You have to pay fees to apply of company name.
Paid up capital
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

We suggest fixing paid up capital of RM 500,000 and above to start a new business in Malaysia. Unless you maintain said amount will face lots of problem doing business. But, you may open a company maintaining paid up capital at any amount.
Company Registration

It will take 3-5 days maximum to register a new company from SSM. You have to sign on particular forms 24, 48 A, 49, 44 and MoA, AoA as directors of the company. All required papers will be prepared by consultant or company secretary. You may check government fees on authorized capital.
Bank account
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

Once company is registered talk to bank to open business account. If the directors hold social pass is makes problem to open bank account. We shall guide to open business account in Malaysia at foreign or local bank.
Income Tax certificate

You may order your consultant or company secretary to get income tax certificate from Inland Revenue Board, Malaysia. You may charged an amount of cost to have tax certificate.
WRT License

Wholesale and retail trade license is required to start a business in Malaysia. Talk to the consultant to arrange the license for your business.
Halal License

If your business is related of restaurant, frozen, chips, homemade food, grains and others are applicable to have Halal license.

Starting a business in Malaysia

Manpower cost and offices expenses shall be included of investment cost. Do you need investor visa and work permit ? If so, another issue of capital RM 100,000 , other than US$ 2000 to US$ 5000 is enough to complete whole legal process to be started the business. 

Do you know how many days are required to starting a new business in Malaysia? As my view, it may take 30 to 45 days if the consultant is supported by the investors financially and documentary. 

Business ideas of Malaysia
Getting business ideas of Malaysia the investors are requested to contact the experts of SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN. BHD. for company registration in Malaysia

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Monday, October 26, 2015

How to start a business in Sri Lanka

How to start a business in Sri Lanka

How to start a business in Sri Lanka as foreign investors and business ideas of Sri Lanka are discussed. Starting a business in Sri Lanka should consider many issues of business environment.
How to start a business in Sri Lanka

Starting a business in Sri Lanka as foreign investors

Foreign entrepreneurs can register a business as law of state depositing amount of US$ ten million. Government encourages foreign businessmen to invest and start business. Starting a business in Sri Lanka as overseas entrepreneurs may contact the lawyer, consulting firm to guide in proper way.

Branch Office

Branch office of foreign companies can be registered and purchase property too as local investors if require shake of business.

Liaison /Representative Office

· Monitor business activities & research 

· Finance ministry of state is authority to approve representative office

Subsidiary business setup in Sri Lanka

Subsidiary or share holding business entity can be incorporated where a business entity shall be holding part of shares of new company or can be registered a full hundred % ownership.

Business can be permitted for industrial or general as ideas of foreign businessmen.

Tax incentives facilities of Sri Lanka

Income tax incentive opportunity is available for the foreign businessmen on certain goods of manufacturing, industry and others as law and policy of government. Nonresident shall pay the tax to government after calculation of expenses and income of business. Royalty can be received as 

Bilateral agreement countries can start business between themselves grabbing opportunity of taxation or low paid taxation as terms of agreement. Moreover treaty countries can have opportunity to starting business gaining revenue more than general investment countries.

Procedure of starting a business in Sri Lanka

· Unmatched business name confirmation

· C. Secretary and board of directors consent letter

· Register business from registrar of state

· A notice shown as public announcement 

· Tax confirmation from revenue office of government

· Value Added Tax (VAT) collection

· Government fees of stump and other fees confirmation

· Share issuance clearance 

· Apply for clearance of labor department

As BOI instruction foreign businessmen can start a business as hundred %.

Starting a business in Sri Lanka

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Bangladesh investment

Bangladesh investment

Bangladesh Investment

3rd Bangladesh investment summit, Asia arrange summit each year where many local companies and foreign investors attend and share environment of FDI. Government of Bangladesh welcome foreign investors to invest different sectors, IT, power, garments, technology, software and many more.

Barrier of investment in Bangladesh

Each government shows cordial coordination but in practical there are barrier in government offices, banks & lack of proper knowledge of consultants to guide in right way as FDI policy. Most of banks are not aware of foreign investment policy and can not guide foreign investors what are requirement to open bank account as foreigners, whether private investor visa is required or do NOT, can a foreign investor start business without investor visa (PI) or does NOT, why need permission from BOI (Board of Investment) and should take permission etc.

For example: To obtain membership from Chamber of Commerce , export and import license are required papers and to obtain export and import license membership from Chamber of Commerce is required. Which comes first is unknown!! This is one example such many problems are alive obtaining permission to start business as foreign investors in Bangladesh.

To expatriate profit of business in parent country is another major problem. Its a complex situation, Bangladesh bank is authority to permit transfer through bank after deduction of taxes (37.5% +10%). Its easier to remit in Bangladesh but difficult to transfer money from Bangladesh in legal way.

Why still foreign investors are coming in Bangladesh

Between many barriers foreign investors are coming in Bangladesh to invest different sectors. Why ? Generate revenue is main goal of business which attract investors. Example, fixed cost, mean manpower cost is lower, raw materials are available, lands are available to set up factory.

100% foreign equity is allowed in Bangladesh

Yes. Foreign entrepreneurs can hold 100% share. Local investors are NOT required to start business as FDI policy. 


New company registration in Bangladesh according to law and policy is main concern of foreign investors. If foundation is NOT done in right way have cause of sufferer for long time. 
How to obtain investors visa and work permit in Bangladesh 

Major investment countries in Bangladesh are India, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, US, Denmark

Contact us how to open temporary bank account before start investment in Bangladesh?

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Agreement between two parties

(Sample copy of Agreement between parties)

Agreement BETWEEN 

…………………. Limited 

……………………… LIMITED

This Agreement is made and entered into at (place) on this the (date) day of January Two Fifteen, Christian era.


……. LIMITED(represented by its Managing Director), a Limited company incorporated in ………………….of the FIRST PART.

………. Limited (represented by its Managing Director), a limited liability company incorporated in …………of the SECOND PART.

………..Limited and ……….Limited being called in this Agreement individually as Party and collectively as Parties.

WHEREAS ………….Limited is …………………,

WHEREAS ………………………..

WHEREAS the Parties agreed to enter into an Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “The Agreement”) to work together for execution of ……………………..

Now, therefore, in consideration of covenants contained herein, the Parties hereby mutually agree to enter into this Agreement on the day, month and year, as mentioned above:

  • Revenue Sharing 
  • Interruption of Interconnection
  • Contact Persons
  • AmendmenT
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Language

In Witness whereof, THE PARTIES hereto set their respective hands and sEals on this day of the month and the year written above

Witnesses:                                                                                            Witnesses:

--------------------------------------                                     --------------------------------------

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