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Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore

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Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual Office in Singapore, the office without an office we do use traditionally. An office located in cyberspace replacing the physical space. The operational domain of a business or organization without any physical existence creates an environment that are offered and engineered to access through Web or cloud based communication technologies. Since this office system is designed to operate without the existence of a physical location, thus all internal and external works of an enterprise or business are performed via internet.

The concept is an extension of Executive Suite. Virtual office could yield significant savings and engineer flexibility in sharp contrast to a physical office space. It’s like comparing e-tailing with brick & mortar in retail business. It’s an ideal office for those doing works at home and away and for those works on the run.

What it offers? Indeed it covers most of the important services a business is looking for – an address in a prime location of a city, reception services, call answering services, document & mail handling jobs, video conferencing etc. The services of virtual offices usually start with providing address packages, which provide a business with an address and mail forwarding services. Some of the most iconic buildings in cities around the world offer virtual offices to hold meetings in style, as and when required. Other than virtual office space in Singapore that lets one to own an office address following services is also included in the system:

Virtual assistant
Answering services
Voice mail
Phone answering service
Mailing address
Open envelope scanning
Business meeting space
Reception courtesies
Casual workspace

Either occasional or drop in basis office spaces are made available for specific or limited period [hourly, daily or monthly basis] on short notice. 

In these days of digital age, there are special services available in the virtual office packages to cater the needs of the businesses or the entrepreneurs. Companies can book the business center`s facilities for meetings. It also often offer fax, courier and web hosting services. Additional services are either charged with additional costs or can be available to purchase as a package. The virtual office service providers offer too some outsourced services like, corporate secretarial, accounting and legal services on demand in exchange of additional charges.

Why rent virtual office space in Singapore? Well, it’s not definitely going to be a prudent idea to inter-act with your clients in your home. Again, you may not require seeing your or business acquaintances or clients often. Besides, you may need to open networks in a busy and prime location in your city or in cities abroad. In this context a best option is obviously having an office without the usual or actual costs of an office. This is where virtual office in Singapore system comes to your rescue.

It’s the handy but potent option for the small entrepreneurs. It gives the impression of an office in an up-street at costs far less than a physical space costs. Then it’s really paying for those who don’t require a full time office but still requiring an address or space to maintain presence of business. If you're about to step into a new home based business you would invariably think of virtual office system.

Well, virtual office is even cost saving option for entrepreneurs as far as hiring of human resources are concerned. It’s benefiting both the employers and the employees. With virtual office employees can work from the locations that are most convenient for them. On the other end, it’s not forcing businesses to hire human resources from the locality around it. 

It helps grow business in overseas. One can have an office in any part of the world he or she wants to at throw away costs in comparison with renting a physical space. One can even save costs further by choosing options required from the service packages usually offered.

Virtual office rent in Singapore

Costs of real estate defamed Singapore along with other costs of living. In fact is the daunting task for an entrepreneur, especially for most small and middle size companies to cope with high costs of rents. A physical office too requires Furniture & Fittings along with staffing, meaning more costs for you to budget and accommodate. Depending on location, renting a serviced office in Singapore housing just 2-3 employees would costs S$2000 to S$3000 per month plus 7% GST and service charges averaging from S$0.75 to S$1.20 per square foot. Moreover, a commission equivalent to 15 days rent has to consider for agent if the monthly rents is less than S$2500. 

In sharp contrast a virtual office would costs starting from S$15 to S$900 depending on the packages or services opted. To explore possibilities of virtual office system in Singapore you can visit links below.

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