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Foreign Company Registration Procedure in Bangladesh

Foreign Company Registration Procedure in Bangladesh

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Company registration procedure in Bangladesh

Steps of company registration procedure in Bangladesh

Step 1: Find the expert who can guide to register a foreign company according to fdi and Company Law of Bangladesh

Step 2: Fix remuneration with the expert to complete whole procedure of company registration whether factory setup, manufacturing business, service company or open a branch office of parent company

Step 3: Prepare a board meeting minutes in white pages within expected promoters where decide the Chairman, Managing Director, Other directors and / or share holders

Step 4: Write expected objectives of the business and paid up and authorized capital in the board meeting

Step 5: Let the expert apply for a name clearance from RJSC office, Bangladesh

Step 6: Contact the bank to open temporary account providing supporting papers 
Step 7: Let the expert prepare Memorandum and article of association and fill up some prescribed form like form 1, Form XI, form IX, form XII and personal information of the directors.

Step 8: Let the expert apply through online to RJSC portal with supporting papers, provided that encashment certificate is required to register a foreign ownership company. Bank shall issue the said certificate when investors shall remit the equity from parent country

Step 9: Let the expert apply for a company TIN receiving certified copies from RJSC office

Step 10: Let the expert apply for trade license filling up a form provided by City Corporation where types of business, address and signature are required, provided that commercial space or building is MUST to get trade license.

Step 11: All above papers should submit to bank making the account active

Step 12: VAT may come in picture at this stage or may come at the end of finished procedure

Step 13: Let the expert apply for a membership from any chamber of commerce to have membership

Step 14: Membership is necessary to get import and export license

Check list of Import and export license in Bangladesh

a) Trade license b) Chamber certificate c) TIN d) Deed of rent e) Employee list f) work permit if require g) passport h) Undertaking i) photo j) Collect original application from available at our office or government import office, fill up k) MoA & AoA l) Treasury Challan , Chanal no. 1-1731-0001-1801, 15% vat is applicable on challen amount.

Step 15: Let the expert apply for fire license with supporting papers all above and additional building plan copy, RAJUK and plan pass copy. Government fees plus speed money is must.

Step 16: Let the expert apply for another permissions like KOLKARTHANA license (factory license) from government labor department, BOI, BOSTRO ODHIDOPTOR (government cloth department).

Step 17: Let the expert apply for work permit and / or PI visa with supporting papers

Step 18: File income tax regularly and submit annual return to RJSC to be regularize

Step: 19: Ask questions us how to repatriate the foreign investors to parent country

S & F Consulting Firm Limited is a global foreign company registration consultancy firm:
  • Company Registration (Private or Public limited, Foreign, Joint Venture, Partnership & Branch / Virtual/ Liaison office opening of Foreign Companies as subsidiary)
  • Legal service
  • Income Tax
  • Accounting (Audit, B/S, P/L )

The following papers & information are required to open branch office:

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    At a glance Business Licenses are required:

    • Company Incorporation certificate from RJSC
    • Income Tax certificate for directors as well as corporation from NBR
    • Trade License from City Corporation
    • VAT certificate from area office where business office is located
    • Project profile, project plan (map), convenient transport, bonded warehouse, fire safety certificate
    • Export , import license, membership from Chamber of commerce, environment certificate (if required)
    • Permission from BOI, work permit or visa
    • Bank account and remittance (encashment and USD 50,000 in case of visa) 
    • All other licenses from concern authority

    Information & documents are needed for recommendation of PI or E type visa application:

    <img src="PI Visa.jpg" alt="PI-Private Investor visa in Bangladesh">
    PI-Private Investor visa in Bangladesh


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