Sunday, April 28, 2019

Signboard License Malaysia

How to apply of signboard license in Malaysia as local and foreigner? Actually, signboard license need to start business legally. Without signboard license doing business is punishable offence. Maximum amount of penalty might be country Ringgit 30000. So, never take lightly to obtain license. In case of Sdn Bhd company, after registering from SSM, apply of signboard license. You must have tenancy agreement and well decorated physical office. Virtual office holder is not allowed to apply of signboard. If business is located inside of business where seems signboard is unnecessary. But still signboard license is necessary where you hang in front or now. Never forget to renew before expiry of signboard. Signboard and premise can apply together. It is identity and brand of a business. When customers visit your office and found no signboard in front seems fake business. So, signboard play a viral role of your business, never underestimate. Following papers need to apply of license:-

  • Tenancy agreement
  • SSM copies and super form
  • Take picture of place where signboard will hang
  • Fill up DBKL form
  • Take prior approval of Bahasa language
  • Once approve then apply to DBKL, local council hall
  • IC and passport of the shareholders
Premise license application process are as follows:-
  • Take pictures of office furniture
  • Fill up application form
  • Draw layout of office
  • Attach tenancy agreement
License is valid for 1 year and apply before expiry to extend. Many consultancy firms in Malaysia never advise customers what are the permissions need to run business. Once company incorporation is done by Secretary take money and secretary disappear. Now customers alone face problems are come back to expert to solve issue. All of them are company incorporation service provider and not a good adviser. We have noticed many company incorporation firms have borrowing secretary who will not come in office but execute services from its own work station. As a result customers do not get a proper guide line. 

DBKL and local council hall are responsible to issue signboard license for your company. DBKL also provide many other business licenses. Fees of signboard license are not more than Ringgit 2000 including professional change. To complete whole process will take 2-3 working days unless any serious issue comes in.

Apply of signboard license if try yourself will face problem. As you do not know the measurement and procedure of application. Bahasa language approval is must before submit to DBKL. Malaysia, there are many businesses opportunities and all of them need signboard. 

Contact "S & F Consulting Firm" to assist you obtaining signboard and premise license along with any business licenses. Export, import, halal, manufacture, kindergarten and many more licenses need to start business as nature of business.

Address: A-03-13 Tropicana Avenue, No 12 Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort PJU3, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Contact: +6011 36 90 18 90 (Whatsapp available)
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Top Accounting Firm in Bangladesh

Best Accounting Firm in Bangladesh

Why S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is the best accounting firm in Bangladesh? Accounting services cover a) Bookkeeping b) Profit and loss accounts c) Journals d) Ledger e) Bank reconciliation. As Company Act 1994, all corporations have to submit annual return to Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). Complete accounting report is looked into by Auditor with supporting papers. Once auditor is satisfied then signed by auditor to process of return.

How long takes
Time to prepare accounting in Bangladesh

It depends number of business transactions and volume to prepare whole accounts. Besides sometimes raw data and supporting papers are not ready. Smart companies may have data entry accountant to keep update daily transactions in accounting system. Pick time takes longer May, June and July so it’s suggested to assign in off pick time.

How much is fees
Fees to prepare accounts in Bangladesh

A-Z preparation might be costly that around Taka 40,000/- and above. In case of fewer transactions accounting preparation might cost of Taka 20000-30000/-. Some of companies like to outsourced and ask to get monthly accounts report by limited budget, Taka 10000/-

Top Accounting Firm in Bangladesh
What is the different between accounting and audit?
 Accounting- Profit and loss accounting preparation by whole years expenses and income information. To check monthly financial picture of business accounting is need. Accounting might prepare basis and monthly basis depends on company health status. Those have no own accountant can also have own profit and loss calculation.
Audit- A professional person who is eligible can deserve right to sign on accounting report. Auditor generally check accounting report and check all upon supporting papers. Audit might hold 2-3 times in big companies whereas small companies might have one in year.

Why need accounting service?
You like to hire an accountant in Bangladesh for your business? Salary might be Taka 25000-40000 per month. If you look for experienced have to top up salary at Taka 50K plus. Do you think your accountant is posting in proper way? Are you satisfy on accountant? External accountant can assist to give your right picture of financial as trustworthy. As outsourced accountant will know no one personally. And team of S & F Consulting Firm Limited are very strict to handle this case. Making happy to customers is first priority. You can outsource with S & F by your budget and get comfortable service as they are expert on Foreign Investment Law. Foreign Accounting service companies hire local accountant expert to meet customers need. S & F is base on Bangladesh who has Chartered Accountants in own.

You can contact as follows:
Mirpur, Dhaka
Contact: +8801790220728 (WhatsApp)
Email: info@sfconsultingbd(dot)com

Why S & F Consulting Firm is the best?
Why S & F is the best for accounting service

S & F Consulting Firm Limited is a business advisory and accounting service provider only to FOREIGNERS. You MUST know foreign investment law (FDI) is different than local law. S & F is expert on FDI law and team of S & F well-known to handle foreign companies since 2012. Fee of S & F are not expensive but reasonable.

Small, Medium and Large Company service
As law, all companies have to submit accounts and audit report to Income Tax Department (NBR) and RJSC. So, why not contact S & F to guide you preparing accounting as FDI law. Why large industries will contact S & F as they have own accountants? External team can surgery your business to remove pain.

Our fees schedule
Business Volume (Taka)
Number of transactions
Fees (Taka) Yearly
10 Million
Less than 120
Less than 20 Million
Less than 250
Less than 30 Million
Less than 400
Above 40 Million

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

How to apply signboard license Malaysia

Tips of signboard license Malaysia

1. Document

  • To apply of signboard license tenancy agreement copy, layout plan, picture of office decoration are need to supply in DBKL (local counsel) office.

  • Put company name properly in tenancy agreement and no partly rental agreement 
  • Apply and wait for next 3-5 days to collect license

2. Cost
  • Government fees in less than Ringgit 200 but in case of rural area cost might increase up to RM 2000.
  • Professional fees Ringgit 2000/- 
  • S & F CONSULTING FIRM will assist to apply and collect license copies (A-z service). 
3. Signboard size
  • There is a size have to fix before application
  • Along with location of signboard to hangout
  • In terms of out side signboard hangup need to pay additionally, depend on size

Contact address
A-15-03 Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Service: Company Registration in Malaysia for Foreigner, Accounting and Tax service.
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Guide to setup business in Malaysia

How to register a company in Malaysia
It's not easier to setup SDN BHD company in Malaysia as foreigner rather run a business after setting up in major concern. Let business setup is done, but you are not given employment, expatriate or any visa to live and/ or stay a long time to look after business! Now, who will take care of business, local staff? NO.

Step 1: Open LLC (Sdn Bhd) Company
Step 2: Open Bank Account
Step 3: Rent physical office with a tenancy agreement
Step 4: Apply for signboard and premise license
Step 5: Apply for import and export license (if need)
Step 6: Apply for ESD towards visa (employment pass)

A lot of problems with local, Malaysian staff!

Every local staff will take advantages if the director is absent as got no visa to live. Which one will come first Visa or Business setup? 
How to register a company in Malaysia

Business setup takes 7 days after then many other licenses/permission need along with company incorporation, Sdn Bhd. Let, 1) bank account open 2) Signage 3) SOCSO and EPF 4) Export/ import 5) Halal 6) WRT 7) ESD 8) Visa application

Unless follow all steps will be a problem to set up business in Malaysia. 

How to register a company in Malaysia
Setup office in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Baru, etc in your desired location. General trading, service, manufacture, export, import, restaurant, small business and any types of business can startup as a foreigner and hold 100% shares ownership. Ringgit 4000 at first show as paid up and later increase up to 1 million if like to apply of visa as director of the company. More detail may find here to know all the steps of how to register a company in Malaysia.
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Friday, May 04, 2018

Staff hiring in Malaysia

Staff hiring in Malaysia

Staff hiring in Malaysia
Do you think staff hiring is easier in Malaysia? Are you getting right employee? Are you happy with your staff as employer? Do you think your staff is perfect?

Do NOT hire monkey for your company !

Yes. all staffs are not same indeed. But you know many local staffs of Malaysia are lazy and useless, create problem ! Yes, it seems economy is good in Malaysia, correct but what about the lower income people? How many employees have graduation (it's not more than 30%). Most of the staffs have SMPO (12 class). 

Education is not important ! Education is important !

Staff of Malaysia

One SDN  BHD company registration Malaysia is completed and all of them are foreigners. They need to hire local staffs as they have no permission to import foreign staffs. Are you safe to hire local staff for your company? No, not at all. In practical most of the local employees takes opportunity in absence of directors.

You will loose money and time.
What is the solution? Hire the person who is not monkey. Pay high salary, hire skill person (Chinese or foreigner) in Malaysia to save your business. Some local employees are good but make a budget to hire them.

Are you doing export, import business in Malaysia? Do you know the steps of new company registration and required licenses to run business lawfully? 
  1. Company incorporation
  2. Bank account open
  3. Sign board & Premise license
  4. SOCSO and EPF registration
  5. Export, import license
  6. WRT license
  7. ESD registration
  8. Visa application 
Anyway, above 8 steps have to obtain to run business smoothly in Malaysia as foreigner. Required investment capital are as follows:-
  1. Ringgit 350,000
  2. Ringgit 500,000
  3. Ringgit 1 million
To be clear contact us. 

Staffs are asset of your business, so wish you will hire the right one. Executive: RM 1500-2000 (non experience to 2 years experience), SR Executive: RM 2500-3500 (Experienced), Asst Manager: RM 4000 to 5500. But the Chinese staffs are always expensive in Malaysia. Because of their commitment and responsibilities with company. 

  1. is the number one job site in Malaysia. Each job advertisement post cost might be  Ringgit 350 to 500.
Select right day for interview: Saturday and Sunday (Being holidays). Interested candidates prefer to attend in interview in weekend. 

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