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Friday, August 18, 2017

Top foreign direct investment countries of 2015

Top foreign direct investment countries of 2014-2015

As world bank statistics data is shared up to 2014 and 2015 as assumption of the countries have GDP higher by foreign direct investment.


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Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore

<img src="Singapore-office.jpg" alt="Virtual office in Singapore"/>
Virtual office in Singapore
Virtual Office in Singapore, the office without an office we do use traditionally. An office located in cyberspace replacing the physical space. The operational domain of a business or organization without any physical existence creates an environment that are offered and engineered to access through Web or cloud based communication technologies. Since this office system is designed to operate without the existence of a physical location, thus all internal and external works of an enterprise or business are performed via internet.

The concept is an extension of Executive Suite. Virtual office could yield significant savings and engineer flexibility in sharp contrast to a physical office space. It’s like comparing e-tailing with brick & mortar in retail business. It’s an ideal office for those doing works at home and away and for those works on the run.

What it offers? Indeed it covers most of the important services a business is looking for – an address in a prime location of a city, reception services, call answering services, document & mail handling jobs, video conferencing etc. The services of virtual offices usually start with providing address packages, which provide a business with an address and mail forwarding services. Some of the most iconic buildings in cities around the world offer virtual offices to hold meetings in style, as and when required. Other than virtual office space in Singapore that lets one to own an office address following services is also included in the system:
Virtual assistant
Answering services
Voice mail
Phone answering service
Mailing address
Open envelope scanning
Business meeting space
Reception courtesies
Casual workspace

Either occasional or drop in basis office spaces are made available for specific or limited period [hourly, daily or monthly basis] on short notice. 

In these days of digital age, there are special services available in the virtual office packages to cater the needs of the businesses or the entrepreneurs. Companies can book the business center`s facilities for meetings. It also often offer fax, courier and web hosting services. Additional services are either charged with additional costs or can be available to purchase as a package. The virtual office service providers offer too some outsourced services like, corporate secretarial, accounting and legal services on demand in exchange of additional charges.

Why rent virtual office space in Singapore? Well, it’s not definitely going to be a prudent idea to inter-act with your clients in your home. Again, you may not require seeing your or business acquaintances or clients often. Besides, you may need to open networks in a busy and prime location in your city or in cities abroad. In this context a best option is obviously having an office without the usual or actual costs of an office. This is where virtual office in Singapore system comes to your rescue.

It’s the handy but potent option for the small entrepreneurs. It gives the impression of an office in an up-street at costs far less than a physical space costs. Then it’s really paying for those who don’t require a full time office but still requiring an address or space to maintain presence of business. If you're about to step into a new home based business you would invariably think of virtual office system.

Well, virtual office is even cost saving option for entrepreneurs as far as hiring of human resources are concerned. It’s benefitting both the employers and the employees. With virtual office employees can work from the locations that are most convenient for them. On the other end, it’s not forcing businesses to hire human resources from the locality around it. 

It helps grow business in overseas. One can have an office in any part of the world he or she wants to at throw away costs in comparison with renting a physical space. One can even save costs further by choosing options required from the service packages usually offered.

Virtual office rent in Singapore

Costs of real estate defamed Singapore along with other costs of living. In fact is the daunting task for an entrepreneur, especially for most small and middle size companies to cope with high costs of rents. A physical office too requires Furniture & Fittings along with staffing, meaning more costs for you to budget and accommodate. Depending on location, renting a serviced office in Singapore housing just 2-3 employees would costs S$2000 to S$3000 per month plus 7% GST and service charges averaging from S$0.75 to S$1.20 per square foot. Moreover, a commission equivalent to 15 days rent has to consider for agent if the monthly rents is less than S$2500. 

In sharp contrast a virtual office would costs starting from S$15 to S$900 depending on the packages or services opted. To explore possibilities of virtual office system in Singapore you can visit links below.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to register a company in Oman

How to register a company in Oman

<img src="Oman_register" alt="How to register a company in Oman"/>
Omanis  one of the gate way in the middle east region. Which share its border with several countries which are United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. And also share its marine border with Iran and Pakistan. Oman has an influence control on Hormuz fetch.Which is the strategic way between Arab and West. Oman is the world’s twenty fifth oil reserves country and the country is standing on its high-income economy.

To start business in Oman is easy and its familiar with western law. So the foreign investors who are wants to establish business in Oman they have to go under few terms and condition.In Oman if the foreigners want they can own 100% ownership of the business by meet some government rules or if they want to establish their business in the Omani free zones. To registered the business in Oman the foreign investors need to registered their business in Ministry of commerce and industry (MOCI).
  • Where the entrepreneur can check their company name availability through online. To accomplish the registration the entrepreneur needs to submits few documents to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry which are :
  • passport (photocopy) or identity cards of shareholders.
  • passport (photocopy) or identity cards of all intended authorized signatories.
  • Approved authorized signatory form with the names and sample signatures of all authorized signatory with resigned.
  • Applications for any specific license which is depending on the business activities.
  • Certificate of the initial capital deposit form the bank.

Wait after submission
After submission all those documents the applicants need to pay all those fees along with the capital of the company including the application tracking number, and indicates his/her preference for the notification on the status of the application by phone,SMS or e-mail.
The following relevant public institutions are housed at the one-stop shop which are :
  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • Ministry of Civil Defense
  • Royal Oman Police
  • Muscat Municipality
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of Regional Municipalities
  • Environment & Water Resources 
  • The Ministry of Manpower.
  • The one stop shop are providing the facilities to the registered company from the Oman chamber of commerce and industry.

To registered the company with Oman chamber of commerce and industry the applicant submit a complete application form with company structures and pay all the fees according to the company grade.Which are :
- Excellent grade type companies needs around OMR 250,000 for start up capital and registration fees need around OMR 585 and the annual renewal fees are OMR 279.
- If the company are in first grade then the company start up capital in between OMR 100,000 to 249,000 the registration fees are OMR 128 and the annual renewal feesare OMR 225 and the annual renewal fees are OMR 73.
- For the second grade company  the company needs start up capital in between OMR 50,000 to 99,000 the registration fees are OMR 128 and the annual renewal fees are OMR  73.
- If the company are in third grade then the company start up capital in between OMR 25,000 to 49,000 the registration fees are OMR 78 and the annual renewal fees are OMR 45.
- If the company are in fourth grade then the company start up capital between OMR 3000 to 24,000 the registration fees are OMR 33 and the annual renewal fees are OMR 25.
-Company lease agreement
- Company statutes (memorandum and articles of incorporation)
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry affiliation certificate
- Agency Certification (if applicable)
To fulfill the registration process it needs three working days and the OMR 40 for business registration (for five years)+OMR 128 for chamber of commerce +OMR15 for registration with Muscat Municipality .
The company must need to registered its business under the tax department of the Finance Ministry which needs one working day and no charge applicable for that.
(Agency: Tax Department of the Finance Ministry)
Company must registered its business under the Ministry of Manpower.Which needs one working day and no charge need for this.(Agency: Ministry of Manpower)
For establishing as a company the company needs to make a seal or stamp for its authorized signatory.Which takes two working days and OMR 50 will charge for that. (Agency: Seal maker)

So today Oman is the most iconic place for the foreign investors for its resources. But according to the report of from 2016 the oil price is going down which creates a large deficit of Oman’s budget which is nearly $11.3 billion. And the wane of oil in Oman which is the alert of its economy.Which is totally based on oil resources. According to the estimate the contribution  of oil sectors in GDP is 46% but in 2020 it become only 9%.So it’s a time of diversification of its economic mind and move to other resources which is gas and tourism.
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Small business ideas in Indonesia

Small business ideas in Indonesia

<img src="indo_small.jpg" alt="Small business ideas in Indonesia"/>
Small business ideas in Indonesia
Indonesia is a civil country in the southeast Asia. Where you can accomplish your aspiration.Here are lots of opportunities to do business. Because business is the way where you can exchange your resources with other and people of Indonesia are the devoted soul. Without business, in this century no one prospers their nation. When you share your resources & your knowledge of that time you also build your knowledge and your money too. In Indonesia, you can do the large business and small business too.
The last couple of years small business are growing rapidly in Indonesia. Around six million businesses are grown last decade but the lack of loans the root level businesses are not kept up. According to the statistics of the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), they have highest market shares to the small businesses which are 37.2% now but two years ago it was 28.1%.The government of Indonesia wants to pursue the Bank Rakyat Indonesia(BRI) regarding their small business lending process which is also renowned as micro credit. And few others lenders like Koperasi who has 12.3% share, FIF which is also known as Federal International Finance with 7.4% and AdiraDinamikaMultifinance (7.2%).
The Indonesian government is encouraging the financial institution regarding the lending of small businesses financial programs. In Indonesia around forty-two million small businesses where only eleven million or 26.2% have the business loan.
In Indonesia here are lots of small business opportunities from very root level to upper level. Here are lots of small business ideas which have future for those you need money & here is those financial solutions places who is solving the problem. Those are:

Impartial  Financing

Business future depends on money.If you have potentiality but you don’t have money you can’t run the business. So you can overcome this problem by the investors who have the money but not acknowledged regarding your plan or don’t know how to do business. By them, you can manage your money for business but for that, you have to show your potentiality and imperial thought which can convince the investors and build confident to trust your plan for invest. But the problem is of this kind of business you have to keep passion because of the most of the control in hand of the investors. In Indonesia here is lots of small business opportunities are available. Those are:
Furniture factory

A resourceful cultural minded country has lots of cultural assets. In Indonesia, various ethnic’s are living together. And that various kinds of thought and creativity make the innovative things. Like furniture in Indonesia are popular for their raw materials so the foreigners who come to Indonesia as a tourist they are the big fish they buy the furniture and take that with their home. Also, the entrepreneurs can do furniture the remodeling businesses for sale.

Indonesia is famous for their tourist business. Every year around five million tourists has visited Indonesia. To manage the proper accommodation hotels are necessary for the foreigners. So it is the big investment sector where you can open your own hotel and earn well amount of money for yourself and for the nation as well.
Meat processing and Packaging

Indonesia is a Muslim country and Muslim’s are the meat lover. And the foreigners are love to eat beef so you can build your own cattle farm produce meat and packet the meat proper way and also able to export it too.
App Developers

App developers are making good money in this days because of the improvement of the technology anybody can earn money from anywhere for the bless of digitalization. To develop the apps you need the basic idea today's most of the people are using android set so mobile apps or other software are the valuable products for today's market.
Internet Service Provider

Indonesia is a top social network user in the south East Asia region. So the velocity of Internet is highly demanding in Indonesia. So as ISP (Internet service provider) you can improve your status. Because of fast , reliable internet business can make your fortune.
Fashion designing

You can build your business to be a fashion designer or a dressmaker. Indonesia is a country where several ethnic people or several cultures are living In harmony. A country’s culture reflects by their dress which attracts the foreigners. So be the fashion designers you can earn lots of currency.
Tax consultant  

Tax is a big headache for the business owners. For reduce the tax or to avoid the unnecessary tax the business owners can communicate with the tax consultant so you can open a consultancy firm without investing that much money. It is also profitable.
Travel Consultant

Indonesia is famous for its tourism business where the travel business has huge income opportunities. Lots of foreigners are coming to Indonesia for business or pleasure you can open a travel company for guide the tourist regarding their desires. You can support them regarding their visa processing, airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel booking etc. You can earn a lot from that business.
Business Consultant

In Indonesia, lots of foreign investment are on the table. Foreign investors are investing a lot in the joint venture with their local partners. So they are looking for the trustable consultancy firm who can guide them regarding their business plan where the business owners can understand the law and make the proper steps regarding their business. As a   business consultant, you can earn the good reputation and the good number of money.
Business in Indonesia is always profitable but you have to do business in Indonesia with proper knowledge. Small business are the life of all businesses.Starting the business in Indonesia is little complicated because it's based on paperwork. For the local company, the Indonesian business is standing on the law of PT.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Virtual Office in Singapore

Virtual Office in Singapore

Foreign investors are concern to rent an office in Singapore that is costly indeed. So, we offer them to rent virtual office in Singapore by low cost and smart plan. Address is a place of communication of entity, so, we can not think without having company address after registering or, incorporation a pte limited company in Singapore.
<img src="Image/singapore_rent.jpg" alt="Office rent price in Singapore"/>
Office rent price in Singapore

Average office rental  cost S$ 2000 to S$ 4000 for 500 sft.  It's not easier to bear cost of rental for the small and medium enterprises as new office setup in Singapore. New companies can not generate revenue from the beginning, so, each cost is calculated by the share holders of the company. Our Virtual office plan in Singapore is cheap and smart that is lucrative for the foreign entrepreneurs as monthly price of Singapore Dollar (S$) 10, 20 and 40. An address is sufficient for the small and medium companies where customers can find it out and have opportunity of a meeting.  Some times, a small number of staffs may sit together and some times no staffs are sits but an address is used for the registered company. Virtual office, where staffs are not taken sits but an address is used only. Virtual office service provider have reception to welcome the clients of the tenant and cooperate as their needs. Local calls receiving, call forwarding, answering, email replying, message delivering jobs are part of virtual office service provider to their clients. 

Virtual office for rent in Singapore 

This idea of Virtual office for rent in Singapore is boom. It's noticeable that most of the new company looks for virtual office service in Singapore due to rent is costly. It's true that many world recognized company's office is located in Singapore. A small country where lots of, millions of companies situated. Renting an office is not easier at all. Office rental demand is higher than any other city. Carrying on office rental cost, staffs cost, electricity, internet lines, office decoration, rental advance deposit, office maintenance cost etc are really costly and burden to bear as new investor in Singapore. So, virtual office for rent in Singapore is alternate choice to save money and time.  More information...

<img src="Image/Virtual_singapore.jpg" alt="Virtual office for rent in Singapore"/>
Virtual office for rent in Singapore

Virtual office rental price in Singapore

 Description Package Silver  (S$ 10) Package Gold (S$ 20) Package Platinum (S$ 40)
For company address           √
Main and parcel receive                                    √
Email & SMS notification  √
Reception service  √
Int. & Local mail forwarding
Local phone service
Phone answer 


Physical RoomCapacityRate (S$, Singapore Dollar)
Standard size1 person420
Deluxe size2 persons840
Executive size3 persons1260
VIP size4 persons1680


Fully furnished ready office
Meeting room available
Access card
Reception service
Local phone calling
Call answer and forward
Drinking water supply
Other services are company incorporation, company secretarial, tax filing, accounts preparation, audited accounts preparation & audit service.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to incorporate/ register company in Malaysia

How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia

<img src="Image/Howto_register.png" alt=" How to incorporate/ register company in Malaysia"/>
How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia
How to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia as foreigner? How to setup a company in Malaysia? How to form a company in Malaysia? What ways you search to find answer what is the process of registering a company in Malaysia are discussed step by step:

Contact the right person: Whether investors himself or senior staff contact the expert person/ firm who knows law and process of company setup in Malaysia. Most of the foreign investors search online to find the right person and do not search expert visiting physically in Malaysia. Investors visit once all formalities are done to incorporate a new company.

Name clearance: First of all procedure of company licensing name clearance comes at first. Many companies being registering every months proposed name approval some difficult there. As such most of the proposed name is rejected. So, at least three names selection is wiser to find availability. Know more as foreign company registration in Malaysia .

Directors: How many directors are obligatory to form a new company? It is minimum two who can be foreigners or local and foreigners. There is a proverb that two local residing directors are needed to register a foreign ownership company. But that is not mandatory rules at all. Without local directors foreign ownership 100 percent is allowed by law. By the way, all companies are incorporated as Company Act 1965 of Malaysia.

Fill up prescribe form 24, 44, 48, 49: As section 54 (1) of Company Act 1965 form 24 is return of allotment where each share value and number of shares are stated. As section 120, 333 and 335 (1 d) of Company Act 1965 form 44 is notice of situation of office and office days and hours is stated. Weekly 5 working days that is from Monday to Friday and every day office hour are from 8.30 am to 4. 30 p.m. As section 141 (6) of form 48 is particular of directors where directors position with passport information will be stated. Moreover, memorandum and article of association of the company shall be drafted by the company secretary and directors shall put signature on it.

Company Secretary: Every company shall assign company secretary who will serve secretarial services including annual return submission, share holding position change, attend Annual general Meeting etc.

Pay government and professional fees: Professional fees are not same or average to all experts but different from each other. There is a word more fees better service.

Registered address/ business address: Registered address and business address are not same word. Registered address that is used when company is incorporated in particular forms. Business address is separate one that can be in different place office is rented by agreement.

Open bank account: Investors are requested to contact the bank before incorporate a new company in Malaysia to know opening corporate/ business account. Because opening bank account is a major issue for the nonresident. Neither personal nor corporate account is allowed to open by the bank of Malaysian. Only different pictures are noticeable in foreign banks.

Apply for import/ export license: Export in Malaysia is not allowed of all goods. Some goods are restricted to be exported and imported. Detail is here can look

Apply for manufacturing license: Manufacturing license is needed apart from company incorporation to start manufacturing business in Malaysia.

Apply for Halal License: Preservation of Halal foods/ goods and sells them from shop Halal license is needed to be obtained.

Apply for income tax certificate: Each company shall have income tax certificate. Within three months of first selling income tax shall be applied for and all companies shall be tax certificate within seven months of company incorporation.

Plan for start a restaurant business: Most of the foreign investors have first plan to start a restaurant business in Malaysia because of customer availability and instant credit business. Approximately RM twenty thousand to RM forty thousand may need initially to start a medium type restaurant business. Staff, foods, furniture, location, cleanliness is important to start restaurant business.

Visa: Professional visa and/ or work permit is needed to business in Malaysia and open business account. Those are holding social pass shall fall in trouble some to open company account.

MM2H: Malaysia my second home program that is open for all citizens of the world except two country’s citizens. A long time visa and multiple entry to Malaysia and many other facilities like purchasing property, owning car, import family members, children education facilities etc. Have look once the conditions to apply for MM2H.

All investors of small, medium and big industries need proper guide line as how to incorporate/ register a company in Malaysia? Right guideline can save time and money that is most important for the foreign investors. Have look once whether your goods are restricted or no before register/ incorporate your business in Malaysia. Talk to the bankers to know how to open corporate account before setup a company in Malaysia?

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI): Sri Lanka a country of beauty where sea, hill, level land is combined. Some historical places are situated in Sri Lanka. 

<img src="Image/SriLanka_fdiii.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI)

Current fdi inflow is around US$ 845,345,486 plus in Sri Lanka that can be higher than many countries.
<img src="Image/Srilanka_f.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/Srilanka_fd.png" alt="Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment opportunity in Sri Lanka

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/Srilanka_fdi.png" alt="Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka

FDI inflow in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdi2.png" alt="FDI inflow , foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
FDI inflow , foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

Foreign Trade Law in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdii.png" alt="Foreign trade law in Sri Lanka, foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka"/>
Foreign trade law in Sri Lanka, foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka

<img src="Image/srilanka_fdi_trade.png" alt="Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka-fdi"/>
Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka-fdi

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Business ideas in Sri Lanka and business plan in Sri Lanka

Business ideas in Sri Lanka and business plan in Sri Lanka | S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

Business ideas and business plan in Sri Lanka as foreign investors. Private limited company or project setup in Sri Lanka.

Business ideas and business plan in Sri Lanka

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Business ideas and business plan in Pakistan

Business ideas and business plan in Pakistan | S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

How to start a business in Pakistan
Start new business in Pakistan in any province.

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Sunday, November 08, 2015

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

Read to know how to start a business as investors or entrepreneurs.
  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Competitors
  • Market analysis
  • Materials availability
  • Buyer and seller
  • Legal matter

How to start a new business I Business Ideas and business plan

Business ideas-Capital

Without capital, any amount, to start a new business is not possible. Figure of capital depend on type of business. As real view, we find small investment and good returns and big investment but loss as return. Why it happens indeed?

Business Plan-Knowledge

Do you have ideas of business what are you going to startup? If no, you are suggested to gather knowledge as maximum as possible from different corners. Maximum knowledge make the business runs easier.

Business Ideas-Competitors

Know your competitors as market segment and forecast for the next future of business goal.

Business plan-Market analysis

Know your market before start a business. Knowing which market suitable for you is better. SWOT analysis can help you. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Thread of the business to aware yourself.

Business ideas-Materials availability

Start business in such areas where raw materials and other substances are available for business.

Business plan-Know customers

Finding the needs of customers and meet up them is the most important for successful the business.

Business Ideas and plan-Legal matter

How to start a business? Is it private limited company, Joint venture, branch office of parent company or project base? Know the legal form as state policy of the respective countries.

Legal matters are discussed, visit: S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, France, Germany, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana and more…

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Friday, October 30, 2015

How to start a business in Malaysia

How to start a business in Malaysia

We shall guide you how to start a business in Malaysia as foreign investor. To start business in Malaysia  it's need to decide which business is it to be registered ? There are some key notes should keep in mind as legal process, market area, competition, expected return time etc. Legal process includes business registration such as obtaining incorporation, trade permission, income tax verification, office agreement copy (virtual office some time), industry area, lease of lands or spaces etc.
<img src="Image/Malaysia blogspot.jpg" alt="How to start a business in Malaysia, S & F Consulting Firm Limited"/>

Market analysis can be dome through online and physical contact with market analytical company in Malaysia. Product competition is part of market analysis. Area of market can be select as assumption on business ideas.

How much initial deposit is required and how much are going to deposit first year ? How much at second year and third year ? Now it's need to calculate when can be started return from business. 

You may ask for how to start a business in Malaysia as foreigner? 

  1. Hire the right consultant
  2. Rent an office
  3. Hire Company Secretary
  4. Name approval
  5. Paid up capital
  6. Company Registartion
  7. Bank account
  8. Income Tax certificate
  9. WRT License
  10. Halal License

Hire the right consultant
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)
First and the most important job as foreign investor are hiring a right consultant who may guide to invest in Malaysia. You may search in Google to find the consultant who serve company registration / business setup job in Malaysia. Its need proper guide line from the beginning to end of formalities starting a business in Malaysia. You may do the following to find the right consultant:- Email the consultant and ask to guide you setting up a company in Malaysia, talk to them over phone, visit their office in Malaysia, know their experience on this field.
Rent an office
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

You need an address to register a new company in Malaysia. As foreigner you may use office address of the consultant who is assigned to co-operate you. Once company registration formalities are done may rent your own office. In that case you may rent virtual office at low budget. No service is free there so, talk to the consultant to show your total cost of starting a business in Malaysia.
Hire Company Secretary

As law of Malaysia, each company shall appoint Company Secretary who will work as safe guard of your company. Company Secretary is a qualified member of Chartered Secretary, Malaysia and he/ she is legally authorized to forward your papers to SSM for registration of company.
Name approval
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

Company is identified as name and so, you have to choice multiple names and one name will be approved from proposed name. They use word SDN. BHD. Instead of private limited. So, your company name will look XYZ SDB. BHD. Company name is active for 90 days only. You have to pay fees to apply of company name.
Paid up capital
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

We suggest fixing paid up capital of RM 500,000 and above to start a new business in Malaysia. Unless you maintain said amount will face lots of problem doing business. But, you may open a company maintaining paid up capital at any amount.
Company Registration

It will take 3-5 days maximum to register a new company from SSM. You have to sign on particular forms 24, 48 A, 49, 44 and MoA, AoA as directors of the company. All required papers will be prepared by consultant or company secretary. You may check government fees on authorized capital.
Bank account
(we guide the foreign investors how to start a business in Malaysia)

Once company is registered talk to bank to open business account. If the directors hold social pass is makes problem to open bank account. We shall guide to open business account in Malaysia at foreign or local bank.
Income Tax certificate

You may order your consultant or company secretary to get income tax certificate from Inland Revenue Board, Malaysia. You may charged an amount of cost to have tax certificate.
WRT License

Wholesale and retail trade license is required to start a business in Malaysia. Talk to the consultant to arrange the license for your business.
Halal License

If your business is related of restaurant, frozen, chips, homemade food, grains and others are applicable to have Halal license.

Starting a business in Malaysia

Manpower cost and offices expenses shall be included of investment cost. Do you need investor visa and work permit ? If so, another issue of capital RM 100,000 , other than US$ 2000 to US$ 5000 is enough to complete whole legal process to be started the business. 

Do you know how many days are required to starting a new business in Malaysia? As my view, it may take 30 to 45 days if the consultant is supported by the investors financially and documentary. 

Business ideas of Malaysia
Getting business ideas of Malaysia the investors are requested to contact the experts of SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN. BHD. for company registration in Malaysia

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