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How Foreign Company start business in Maldives

How Foreign Company start business in Maldives

Foreign company can start business in Maldives holding hundred percent shares or joint venture with other partners. Both ways of starting business in Maldives are allowed by law of state. In case of jv company share holding proportion is 51 percent and 49 percent. Annual and other government fees around US$195 and total expected cost may stand US$ 2000 (two thousand).
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Start business in Maldives
Most of the businesses are startup in Maldives as hotel business, tourism, relating of tourism, trading, service business and others. Lots of tourists visit everyday in Maldives as a result government earns revenue from this sector. Small, medium and 5 start hotels catches eyes in Maldives those are located very near of sea, looks enchanting and attract the natural scenario to the tourists.

It may require 30 days to complete the process of business registration and start business in Maldives. Investors first job is to find out right expert person who guide the foreign investors to get licenses to start business in Maldives. 

If the investors hire foreign manpower or the entrepreneurs or directors wish to stay there and do business itself shall have to be taken permission of business visa and work permit too. All countries a rule is exist that the foreign entrepreneurs have to remit a big amount to the countries bank account applying for business visa and work permit and Maldives is not beyond of that rule.

Do you want to start a business in Maldives as foreigner? If yes, do not hesitate to contact us to guide you step by step towards starting business in Maldives.

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