Company Registration in Bangladesh

Company Registration in Bangladesh 

To register a general business, manufacture, trading business some basic permission or licenses are required as below: 

  • Memorandum & Article of Association as law of Bangladesh 
  • Board meeting minutes of the promoter before starting a new company registration in Bangladesh as instruction of RJSC where shall be mentioned number of directors, share holding positions, signatures of the share holders, select Chairman and Managing Directors, business description &, name registration of the company 
  • Make sure encashment certificate for the foreign investors 
  • Passport copy, photographs, present and permanent address of the promoters and office address within territory of Bangladesh with contact detail 
  • Obtain income tax certificate by showing passport copy of original for trustworthy 
  • Obtain Trade License from regional office of where business is located 

In case of factory establishment in Bangladesh 

  • Make sure factory layout plan where it is located by architecture 
  • Approve the plan by government and ensure good communication preferred beside of road and vehicle accessibility 
  • Take permission from Board of Investment in Bangladesh 
  • Ensure fire license, environment certificate, VAT certificate 
  • Bond license , labor permission 
  • Agreement between directors or share holders 
  • Apply for export and import license from ministry of trade in Bangladesh 
  • Factory rent or deed of the business 
  • Commercial power supply support, membership from Chamber of Commerce or BGMEA, BKMEA

Subsidiary company registration in Bangladesh

Many foreign companies have query they want to hold maximum number of shares and Bangladeshi Private Limited Company shall be holding minimum number of shares. As law it's ok. The process mean, structure of share holding is different, example- each company shall be hold position of one representative director on behalf of both companies. contact us to know detail pls at S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

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Company registration in Bangladesh

Joint Venture Company Registration in Bangladesh 

  • Same permissions are required like above discussion 

Branch office, Liaison or representative office

  • Permission from BOI (Board of Investment) or Export processing Zone (EPZ) 
  • Permission from Bangladesh Bank as another requirement by government
  • All branch offices do not have to pay taxes other than project offices
  • Branch offices are permitted for two years initially and it renewed for next two years or three years upon decision of the board of BOI, provided that require papers of parent company's have to supply to BOI, view them
The following papers are required to setup branch office:- 
  • Memorandum & Article of Association of mother company with attested by embassy and notarized them 
  • Board meeting minutes of the directors to open branch office with mentioning activities of the office 
  • Directors positions, share holding distribution ship forms, audit of last year and bank statement of the mother company 
More information visit: Branch office open in Bangladesh

Video of starting a business in Bangladesh

Can I apply for a subsidiary company in Bangladesh as foreigner?
Ans: Yes. you can apply for a subsidiary company in Bangladesh keeping majority share belong to parent or main company and minor share in favor of Bangladeshi private limited company.
Can I apply for a investor visa (PI) and foreign employee (E) visa in Bangladesh?
Yes, you can apply for PI and E visa fulfill the requirement  and one of main requirement is US$ 50,000 have to remit from parent country to bank account (company account) in Bangladesh.
How to start a business in Bangladesh as foreigners skipping US$ 50,000?
Foreigners can start a business whether small size as private limited company holding 100% ownership without local partner and skipping said amount IF the business is service and general trading oriented.  
How can I start a garments, buying house business in Bangladesh ?
Manufacturing business and general business are different and process of starting , mean of doing business are different. Read above writing for manufacturing base business licensing.
See video and go through link to have look detail:

Can I open bank account as foreigner if I do not have business in Bangladesh ?
No. You are not allowed, because you do not have valid identity. No bank will encourage to open bank account for you without valid identity, mean without being businessmen or foreign worker.

Can I transfer my profit to parent country legally from Bangladesh?
Yes, you can transfer getting approval from Bangladesh bank and declaring profit and paying taxes properly. 

What is income tax rate for corporate as foreign investors in Bangladesh?
It's 35 percent for corporate, see NBR site of Bangladesh.

How much time is required to complete the process of registration, incorporation company in Bangladesh?

It's difficult to give exact time because it depend upon some matter, example availability of payment in time, pursue to government office with government official manner, number of permission. Approx time for general trading and service company: 30-40 days. 3 months to 6 months for manufacturing company and with visa and completion of whole procedure.

What is the cost , fees to register a business in Bangladesh?
It's difficult to say because it vary for number of permission copies and type of business. Let say from US$ 1200 to US$6500 or even more.

Source of information: Interview with Mr. Forhad Hossain (MBA, LL.B, LL.M), Managing Director of S & F Consulting Firm Limited